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For the Central Station debacle and bankruptcy see the bottom of this page: Please note that this information is in the public domain and let this be a warning to others who have dealings with this venue.

The original firm was created way back in 1986 under the auspices of Cage X-Press Industries Group, however since then it has formed into a number of sub divisions including the MA1 Group. A time line of our clubs and progress is found below.

1981: Up the Chuffer opens as a one off promotion, 1000 turned up on the night!

1983: Dungeon Club (Private underground s+m club) opens up in Leicester. Closed 2004 due to venue lease expiring. Buys out The Shed in Leicester.

1986: Cage X-Press Industries formed in Leicester, providing and manufacture of fetish and bondage equipment

2002: MA1 formed, This was a partnership between Cage X-Press Industries and worldskins (Recon). Between the two groups they had events based at The Hoist in London with MA1: Skinheads, Commando, Collateral Damage and MA1: Rubber. Also we were invloved with a number events at Crash, notably 5 Go Sleazy and Skin500 events. Also MA1 was involved with the Rough events held at Factory in Vauxhall and The Fridge in Brixton. After been messed around by the then management of Fire and The Fridge we decided to not to carry on the relationship with them.

2004: CXI takes full control of the MA1 Group. September 2004 we leave The Hoist.

2005-2008: MA1 moves to the old Sports Bar (Renamed the MA1 Bar) at Central Station in Kings Cross and starts a number of events including Spurt and Buff. We also started ClubCP in the basement of Central Station every Thursday then every 2nd and 4th Saturday. Following a number of sucessful nights we ended up opening every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. However during late 2007 and early 2008 the venue was in severe financial trouble to the tune of £358,000.00 (D Wald Insolvency Agents of Wembley dealt with the case). Despite the reports in the press during the latter half of 2008 Central Station lost it's licence due to the insolvency and when the company went insolvent it took the licence with it. It closed it's doors for a month whilst the licence was renewed and re-opened after a lick of paint in November 2008. The old MA1 Bar is now a cafe. Unfortunately the mangagers of Central Station had to copy my names of the club as they have no imagination what so ever and remaned one club albeit with two letters changed.

2007 (July) UKTV starts filming a series of programs called "Extream Pleasures" where Alan Roberts (CEO) is featured in a documantary about the fetish industry, mainly the fantacy kidnapping service.

2008: MA1 moves it's Buff events to Backstreet in Mile End and MA1 holds talks with the owners of Depot/Crash in Vauxhall. After a number of weeks of negotation we finally secured joint ownership of the venue and renamed the venue Union.

2008: ClubCP moves to the new Union venue

2009: Plans are in the making to continue the expansion of MA1 within London culminating in the re-launch of MA1 at Union in February 2009. After an investment of £42K, MA1 transforms Union into the countries' biggest cruise and dance clubs.

2009: (May) MA1 teams with Fitladz to bring a number of new nights to Union.

2010: The consortium that owns Union places the venue on the open market at an asking price of £200,000. MA1 is actively looking for another smaller venue to host events or purchase. We also are looking for another investment of around £30,000.

2010: MA1 sold their share of Union to the management company of Union and the promoters of Nudity for an undisclosed amount.

2010: (September) Club-CP moves back to Backstreet

2010:  (Sept) MA1 takes control of "The Doors" nightclub in Shorditch with two other partners, now called East Bloc.

2011: (Feb) MA1 disposed of their shares in East Bloc, although remains a sleeping partner (The Doors) with a amicable split that suited everyone.

2011: (June) Club CP ends at The Backstreet after 10 years and merges with Hardplay.

2011: (December) MA1 resumes it's shares in East Bloc and remains a full partner.

2012: (June) MA1 hosts “Skinhead” at The Backstreet, very busy!

2012: (July) MA1 part sponsors Naked London Week with Steamworks Sauna, Ted’s Place and

2012: (September) Club CP reopens at East Bloc and proves a huge success

2013: MA1 teams up with Steamworks Sauna and is working on a number of promotions and deals. New Cross Cruise Club formed.

2013: (July) MA1 is looking for future investments in clubs and pubs in the London area and is looking at ventures in Madrid, Spain.

2013: (May) Club-CP goes twice monthly at East Bloc.

2013: (June) MA1 actively pursue the previous owner of Factory (Covert) for monies owed, we win the case and now await a bailiffs notice and court order.

2013 (July) Rumours that The Backstreet is closing are untrue. There are no plans for moving or closing the venue unless we are told otherwise. Although Galliard Homes have bought the site and have put in planning permission to demolish the site, this has been rejected twice as of March 2017.

2013: (July) Suited & Booted a night for suited men opens for a one-off at East Bloc.

2014: (July) Club-CP goes weekly at East Bloc

2015: (July) We take shares in a new venue in Camden, North London.

2017: (March) We dispose of our shares in Camden and server all ties with the venue.

2017: (April) S&M becomes joint shareholders of what was Club65 in Vauxhall. Renamed “South Bloc” as in line with The Bloc Group. We win the licence back and reopen the venue in mid March 2017 after a refit. We previously had shares in the venue some years back.

2017 (April) S&M takes shares in a undisclosed deal with a venue in Manchester. Due to confidential nature the venue name will not be disclosed.

2018 (January) S&M takes shares in return in a undisclosed deal with a venue in Birmingham.

Jan 2019 MA1 leaves The Backstreet due to issues with the owner and management. To stop the rumour mill from turning I will explain a few things about the leaving and demise of The Backstreet and it’s not so illustrious owner.

Going back to January 2019 me and my business partner were going to hand back the keys of East Bloc as the lease was up, however we decided to hang on to it for a few weeks as the hearing for The Backstreet was taking place. The hearing is about the place been demolished and turned into flats. However, as you might not know Buff could never open any later than 10pm on the days we were there due to their leather events going on. So we took the decision to rebuild and reopen the East Bloc and rename it Bunker. I took over the day-to-day running of the business. The idea was to open it after 10pm on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday whilst keeping the existing times at the other venue so they would not clash. We had other cruise nights in just to fill the place out. Unfortunately John Edwards and Mark Allnuitt (John’s puppy and stooge) took umbridge and then gave us 24 hours to quit the venue as I was not been held hostage to a crumbling and soon to close venue. So, in a nutshell we left on the Tuesday with very little notice. We turned up on the Wednesday to find all the MA1 equipment dumped in the lobby in various bags and boxes with a total disregard to the equipment them. Also there was John Edwards threatening doorman (Luven) on site as well at the time of removal. Fortunately I had someone helping me who was witness and I made sure the “removal” was done in front of the CCTV as the situation became quite “volatile” as Mark was not helping at all.

What people should be aware of that the venue had serious issues of health and safety, issues over licensing and the place to was to be frank, utterly filthy. Viz:-

1: If people had noticed I never purveyed alcohol as I was not a manager or not authorised to carry out licensable activities without a Person Licence Holder been on site (Usually Mark). However when he was holiday it was often left to a inexperienced barman thus making the venue trading without a licensee on premises. I did question this a couple of times with Mark and this disregarded or ignored. Also at no point in my ten year tenure was I ever put on the authorization to purvey drinks certificate (on the wall above the bar till). They just assumed I was there to run the place, however as promoter my responsibility ended at the doors to bar area. My job was bums on seats, end of. So on more than one occasion the venue without anyone in authority in the building.

2: There were major safety issues with the venue and management thereof. Some of the older customers will note that there no security doors on the venue, no means to protect yourself or stop people forcing their way in. This was clearly demonstrated with the “Somarli” incidents that took place over a number of months in and around 2014. Staff were assaulted, the doors were smashed in at one point (I repaired them in my own time) and some customers were heckled on leaving the venue. The Police were called a number of times to address the problem and on the final time I was asked to give the Police some information about the attacks which I did. I remember the Policeman clearly and his name. He at the time recommended that electric doors should be added or some means of protection of staff and customers. This was totally and utterly ignored by the owner due to the cost of doing some minor works. He was more concerned about the appearance of the place than the security and safety of staff. I offered to fit electric doors but this was flatly refused. Also the CCTV when I first moved was appalling and dated to say the least. I think the Police asked him to get a new system installed.

3. Other safety issues was the absolute poor state of the building. There were chronic problems with the electrics including bare wires, overloading of wires and even in reception the sockets were taped on the wall with Gaffa Tape! There were unsafe fan heaters all over the place and there unguarded patio heaters on the smokers that were often broken or faulty with no decent earth protection. I my self was burnt on the upper arm (still have the scar) by a heater that dropped down. I did report it but it was as usual ignored on the ground of money.

Another one of my staff also had a bad accident whilst trying to put bags on the shelving. He fell of a stool and cut his hand badly on a rusty nail sticking out of the wall. This too, was ignored and all what was done was Mark banged the nail with a hammer and that was that. The coatcheck was a disaster and despite numerous pleas to have the shelving repaired or made good. We often had 100 bags in there and both me and my other member of staff had to often climb over the filled floor and stand on a dodgy stool and reach over to get bags on or off the shelves. The request to get this sorted was ignored on the grounds of it might cost some money and that the venue was due to be demolished.

Despite been there for over ten years and countless complaints from myself and customers alike the hot water thermostat was never repaired. This often led to people burning themselves on the scalding water that often came out at well over 90c. This was never repaired despite it been a clear danger due to money.

Furniture was often kept in poor stead. The smoking terrace was a accident waiting to happen, which it did with a customer falling through a plastic chair and ending up in A&E. The main form of seating was a half broken old banquette style bench from the old club upstairs that was falling to bits.

Now one of the big problems with the venue was the toilets. They were filthy. An absolute disgrace. Mark’s and John’s idea of cleaning was running over the floor with a filthy mop that was both used for the toilets, bar, cleaning up sick, urine, turds and spunk off the floor. In what was the disabled toilet I lifted the old covering to find an infestation of maggots and Earth worms in the rotten wood and concrete. The drains often block due to the fact they have collapsed. Also the the toilets stank and often the smell was quite overpowering. All I can say is that the club was a mirror image of the personal dwellings of some of the staff. The bar was not much better, it was disgusting with a knackered old till on it that had not worked for over ten years, pile of DVD’s, old junk and detritus from bygone years. It would be only cleaned with a filthy rag once a week. The mirrors were filthy, staff often urinated in the kitchen sink that also was dropping to bits. Another problem was the rats in the outer parts of the smokers terrace. These were massive! There were also rats in the old bin store next to the main entrance. John’s motto “there was no point cleaning as it would only get dirty again”. Says it all really.

As for the licensee. Well I never saw him for five years since his stroke that in some way impaired his judgement to run the venue. Other staff were to be frank, useless. Shelby wouldn’t get his hand dirty to save his life, Matt was polite but left to run the venue by himself. Then Mark, everyone thought the sun shined out of arse. Well, he spent over 80% on his mobile phone instead of serving customers. He was addicted to it. So in the end I gave up. To cut to the chase, Mark was John’s puppy and stooge. John would say jump and Mark would ask how high! He couldn’t think for himself and no say in the club. Basically he’s hanging on for a bit of the action when the vultures circulate when the owner passes away. Also Mark hated the place. Often moaned at me about leaving. But I supposed the wage of £20ph made him stay!

Also he let slip that Galliard (the owners of the site) have no intention of keeping the club there and are in process of offering John a five figure to get rid of him. So that is one of reasons why it was problem to me we moved as if it wasn’t going to get pulled down it would fall down by it’s self! So the crux of the argument was money. John was as tight as ducks arse-hole. Would not spend a penny on the place other than the CCTV that was mandatory and Fire Alarm which it never had since the squatters smashed up next door (I lost over £500.00 worth of equipment due to breakins. The only time money was spent was when the electrics failed due to squatters ripping out the electrics. I had the courtesy to ask John if he wanted to host his parties at the then East Bloc to tie him over the three months it took to get the electrics working again. Also it was me who saved that dump from closing down. John had his stroke and Mark called me whilst on the M11 so I drove back and had to tell and show him how to run a club or it would of gone. So this is thanks you got! Also don’t think for one minute I took the £10 from door. That greedy Edwards made me pay in the end £3.50 per customer regardless of the drink served. So there you go. The whole place revolved around greed and money. If that miserable old git could charge for oxygen he would of done. I would not of minded my events were done not to clash with his but he was too thick to see it and only saw £££ signs. He had about £1/2M off me in bar take in ten years… so there you go. I would wish him good fortune but I can’t. He never trusted me and never bothered to contact me until the last day. So that should stop the rumour mill and hopefully people will see that the sun didn’t shine out of his backside!

Names that are used by Sewell & Marbury are: MA1, Buff, Club CP, Spank Club, Collateral Damage, Filth, Commando, Rudeboyz (Rudeboiz used with permission of Steve Darragh), Black and Gay (BAG), Cell Block, Toolbox, Well 'Ard, Hard n Horny, Starfish, Spurt, Scored!, Squaddies, Trakkeis and Trainers (TNT), Spunk Up, Kidnapped, Hard Helmets, Feet on Friday, Office Boyz, 5 Go Filthy, Big Baby Club, ASBO, Tight Fit, Get Yer Rocks off, Bukkake Party, Bear Party Hell for Leather, Rubber Reunion (from Union nightclub), Cell Block, Hardplay, Tattoo. The Bunker London. Bunker Bar is a registered Trade Mark of Sewell and Marbury.


Martin Mason and Duncan Irvine may not personally be financially bankrupt, but the same cannot be said of their companies. On the basis of the following, you can decide for yourself whether you think they are morally bankrupt.

Also to dispel any other rumours about their licence for the venue. Here is what really happened so the bit in Boyz about an "Admin error" was total fantacy. The truth is they lost the licence as the limited company went bust...see below.

The Companies House WebCHeck service shows as a matter of public record:

Company no. 03374906 - Central Station (Kings Cross) Ltd - In Liquidation

Company no. 03227408 - Central Station (UK) Ltd - In Liquidation

Company no. 06610206 - Bartie and Hector Ltd

The directors of all 3 are or were Martin Mason and Duncan Irvine

Access WebCHeck from

Company no. 03374906 - Central Station (Kings Cross) Ltd

16/07/2008 - Resolution passed my members agreeing to wind up the company voluntarily and appointing a Liquidator. Company wound up by reason of its liabilities amounting to over £325,000 due to over 20 creditors including Inland Revenue, Customs, NI contributions agency, HSBC, EDF energy, Boyz, QX & MA1 and numerous other suppliers.

21/07/2008 - Judgement given in the Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court against the company ordering the company to pay a creditor (MA1 Group) £4,933.00. The claim was not defended (Info. not from Companies House)

21/07/2009 - Liquidator's statement of Receipts and Payments shows total receipts of £22,144.73 realised from sale of company assets

07/08/2009 - Return of Final Meeting in a Creditors' Voluntary Winding Up

It would be interesting to know what the liquidator's confidential report to Companies House said about the actions of Martin and Duncan as directors.

Company no. 03227408 - Central Station (UK) Ltd

17/12/2008 - In the High Court of Justice, Chanceries Division, the Companies Court ordered that the company be wound up under the provisions of The Insolvency Act 1986 as a result of a petition by The East Public House Ltd. and appointed an Official Receiver. The petition was not contested.

19/01/2009 - Notice of appointment of a Liquidator in Winding Up by the Court

27/05/2009 - HSBC Bank plc gave notice of appointment of Receivers of the property of the company under the powers contained in a legal charge dated 19th February 1997 secured by a fixed charge over the freehold property known as the Central Station Public House, 80 Brunner Road, Walthamstow, E17 7NW

Company no. 06610206 - Bartie and Hector Ltd

03/06/2008 - Martin Mason and Duncan Irvine set up a new operating company - named after Martin's dogs - and continue to pretend that everything is rosy. While avoiding paying any of their creditors apart from a few thousand to HSBC in relation to Kings Cross and paying the Liquidators costs, they find money to open a 'restaurant' and a B&B. (Martin Mason is now a partner in another venue in Northamptonshire, this is in the public domain. But to protect the indentity of his business partner who may or may not of the known about the case, the name of the venue is been witheld as a gesture of goodwill). I hasten to add Martin Mason threatened MA1 with court action as we supposed of damaged his new pub business (a bit rich coming from him after the bankruptcy that almost ruined several other companies including MA1) which my solicitor laughed at as everything is in the public domain in anycase and anyone can ask for the information.

NOTE: There will be an update to this in near future.

26/08/2009 - The annual return is overdue with Companies House. Accounts are not due to be filed until 03/03/2010.

For information on this case please refer to D. Wald Insolvency Agents who dealt with the case. This includes other creditors. Please do NOT contact MA1 as we were only a creditor and had nothing to do with the running of the venue or limited companies. Due to continuing questions over Central Station please refer all your questions to their venue in Kings Cross. We have nothing to do with them or will have anything to do with them in the future.


March 2014: We have been informed that Mason and Co have sorted an amicable “agreement” with their old venue in Northamptonshire. As a gesture of goodwill the venue details are kept private.

If you require details of further details please see the Companies House website and search Bartie and Hector.

MA1 has no connection with Central Station.